Who the hell is Dotty Minnie?

My family will be pissing themselves now. They all thought I was hilarious for having an imaginary friend.

Dotty Minnie was my friend. A bonafide Drop Dead Fred imaginary friend.

I can first remember her on the night I cut my ankle & ended up in A&E with stitches.

She was there. Through the screaming & intense pain. Not sure if they used any sort of pain relief. All I can remember is horrendous pain in my poor little three and a half year old ankle.

She went everywhere with me. Mum got told off for putting her bag on her in the Tesco seat trolley next to me one day.

She went when I started school. Maybe off to be friends with another crazy child.

So was I a lonely child? Mmmm not sure. I’m one of four children. I played a lot with my younger brother. Or rather he played a lot of running & punching me on the back.

Why do kids have imaginary friends? Not sure. I’ll Google it now & let you know.

It was probably the start of my crazy life. My brain working just a little differently to everyone else’s. Or rather different to ‘normal’ people.

In any case. I think it’s cool & creative to have an imaginary friend. Maybe I need one now!

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