The Summer is here! Ooo

I’m sat in the garden. It’s about 25 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

I’ve got a cup of tea & my kindle. I’m reading: The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama.

It’s good. I’ll do a post on it soon.

But what I’m thinking is. How many times do I allow myself to just sit? To stop the daily tasks that easily fill a day and just be. Do something that I enjoy. That’s stress-free. That’s helping my recovery.

Not a lot. Not often enough.

And why when I’m doing it does it feel like I’m being lazy? Like I should be doing something else.

Why have we as mothers, built up this ridiculous impression that unless we’re doing, we’re failing. Or unless we’re doing we’re somehow being self-indulgent?

The pressure that we put on ourself is immense. Work, kids, family, social life, school, looking beautiful, being fit, being there for everyone else. All the time. Every second of every day.

It’s not right.

So today I’m sitting. The tv is on & the kids are in front of it. Just for an hour. Just to give myself a break. What’s wrong with that?

Give yourself a break. Simply be.

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