Toxic Content

Do you watch crappy tv. Then have crappy dreams?

Or rather I should write. Do you watch violent, fucked up tv and then have psychotic dreams?

I used to love horror films. Before I lost the plot.

Now if I watch something with murder, violence etc, my dreams echo the f’d up content.

We’ve been watching Vikings. A series with mass violence, executions, animal slaughter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. But some pretty gritty scenes.

Do I sleep well after? No.

Does it trigger violent, manic, upsetting dreams. Yes.

Do I still watch it? Yes.

Should I not? Not sure.

I don’t think I could watch all comedy, romance or whatever the other ‘safe’ genres of tv and film are.

I do sometimes have nice dreams.

Occasionally. I think it’s just part of me to have crazy dreams.

Maybe I should try changing my viewing habits. I’ll do an experiment.

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