Do you know what really gets my goat about mental people being represented in films… the glamorising of meds.

Dear dear Bradley Cooper… I love you with all of my heart, and if you ever want to whisk me away to the Maldives, please feel free. BUT… and I love Silver Linings Playbook… meds aren’t great… some are, most are not. You and Jennifer what’s her face joking about them around the dinner table wasn’t really your finest moment.

My experience of meds is this… the wrong ones made me lose LOTS of weight (woohoo), but sent me sky high, think Mr Hyde on acid.

The right ones have made me gain LOTS of weight (boohoo). But yes they do help. They also send me to sleep and have fucked up my gums.

It’s a balance. Too much and you’re a zombie, too little and you’re a psycho.

My advice is to find the balance that works for you. I take quetiapine, I take diazepam. I’m lucky enough to have got this under control that I don’t need much else.

Don’t believe all you see in the movies, don’t believe everything you read on forums or blogs, definitely don’t doctor Google. Get yourself a great quack or MD, talk it through, keep adjusting, find what works for you… and take care of yourself. Meds are not a miracle cure I’m afraid. Stay strong.

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