This post is a little bit less about being a mental patient… but a little bit more about me…

I am a hopeless romantic. I can’t help it. I’m straight out of Notting Hill (the film, clearly not the place… Hennock has more mud).

I know I’m a sad loser… who wants romance these days? Aren’t we all supposed to be strong Amazonian career women? I’m not… well I’m probably half Bridget Jones, half Wonder Woman.

I wish I was that girl in the movie with a gorgeous guy… Bradley Cooper would do… kissing me in the rain and dancing with me in the kitchen. Swoon.

You see I’ve always been a romantic… I’m good at it to. I’ll make your favourite meal, light a fire and open a bottle just so we can snuggle, leave you notes, buy your favourite sweets because I know you’ve got a long drive. I’m awesome… the trouble is… most other people aren’t.

To me, the point of our existence is to make those we love happy. That’s it. Wake up and do things to show how much you love those around you.

But what happens when other people don’t do the same for you? Where does that leave you?

Last year I had a few sessions of counselling. The lady wasn’t very kind, but she made a good point on a few things… we all have a backpack. We take things out of it to give other people. One lovely thing comes out… and another… and another… but what if no one is putting anything IN to your backpack? What happens to it? It gets emptier and emptier. And finally, it is empty. You have nothing left to give.

So where does that leave you? Probably a bit sad that no one loves you enough to add anything to your backpack.

Some of you may have read the book about love languages. It talks about the 4(?) love languages. Apparently you have one, but your partner might have another. So basically they’re doing stuff that you don’t see as love and visa versa… what a load of BOLLOCKS!

When you love someone, really love them, you should bloody well know what makes them happy. You should never EVER stop trying to make that person happy. And if what you’re doing isn’t making them happy, try something else!

So why am I writing this blog? Maybe to help some of the sad loser men understand what romance is… but probably in the hope that Mr Darcy comes striding across the field in the mist to get me…

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