When you’re ill, really ill, your emotions are all over the place. When I was at the height of my mental illness I could feel elation followed swiftly by despair… With a crap load of anger thrown in. I’m lucky that I haven’t felt like this in a long time and don’t plan to ever feel or act like this again.

Throughout all of it I managed to hold onto myself. The person that gives joy in my family. The picnic maker, the holiday booker, the puddle jumper, surprise making, fun giver.

I knew that if I could still create moments of joy that I’d hold on to me. And I did.

So why not give it a try? No matter how you’re feeling, try one of these:

  • Bake a cake – throw flour over whoever is nearest to you… Normally a dog gets it.
  • Pull on your wellies and walk
  • Stick a film on and make the biggest bowl of popcorn you can
  • Book a surprise trip away… Make sure you go!
  • Make the best, most scrummy dinner you can
  • Dance in your kitchen… Again insert dog
  • Pull funny faces at complete strangers
  • Go to the beach or a forest and play hide and seek

Or whatever it is that makes you and the people closest to you happy. Trust me when I say its hard to stay upset when you’re dancing with a dog who’s covered in flour… Or icing…

Bella with a splash of icing
My babies making mess

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