Greta Thunberg describes her Aspergers as her super power. I honestly feel like my BP2 is mine. Apart from the few periods in my life that I’ve been mega high and a total bitch, I think it’s part of me and always has been.

I fully believe that most artists, actors, creatives, comedians etc have some of this special power. Someone (maybe Einstein) said creativity and madness are a hairs breath apart. Don’t quote me on that but I do believe it.

I’m just going to add a quick caveat in here… bipolar (bipolar one, the biggy, the one I don’t have) people do believe that they have actual super powers. Some believe that they’ve been sent by aliens. Some think that they are higher beings, gods even. This isn’t what I’m taking about… I’m talking about the link between mental health and awesomeness. Keep reading…

My superpower includes: being mega romantic and thoughtful to everyone in my life; being energetic and never dull (if I’m ever boring please shoot me); being creative and beautifying everything around me; being super productive, I can get a lot of stuff done when my mind’s set; being adventurous (whilst shit scared at the same time); having awesomely alternative style… I was once uninvited swishing haha; giving a shit (my cousin told me I’ve got the highest morals of anyone she knows… I’ll take that); giving 100% all of the time… This one I need to reign in a bit admittedly; and being kind. Being kind is my biggest superpower. If you’re not kind than honestly there’s no place in my life for you.

On the rare occasion that I’m angry or upset, please excuse my language, no one’s perfect! Did I mention I’m named after the bionic woman? What’s your superpower?

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