What is true love to me…

  • Missing someone when they’re more than a foot away from you
  • Dancing in the kitchen
  • Laughing at stupid things
  • Making silly memories at Halloween
  • Those little moments feeling like there’s no one on the planet except each other
  • Kissing at every possible opportunity
  • Cosying up together on the sofa
  • Making each others favourite food
  • Sitting together still on top of mountains and cliffs and the world
  • Looking after each other – always
  • Him pulling my coat together or my hat on further to keep me warm
  • Constantly holding hands
  • Being utterly ridiculous often
  • Standing up for each other
  • Always kissing under mistletoe
  • Walking together not apart
  • Creating romance every day
  • Making myself look beautiful to take his breath away
  • Smiling across the table because we both know what we’ve just done
  • Standing up for each other when our terribly cruel families take the mickey
  • Creating moments and wanting them to last just a little bit longer
  • Getting covered in mud on dog walks
  • Having the most awesome Christmas’ ever because we both treat each other
  • Making cakes on each others birthdays
  • Sending endless messages, romantic, silly, you choose, I just want to hear from you
  • Taking time to be together without kids… Plus with them
  • Creating magic every day
  • Sharing a life
  • Never giving up
  • Dedicating your lives to making each other happy
  • Knowing that this is it

Does that all sound a bit soppy and unachievable to you? Then your probably not a huge romantic like me. You see my life is filled with romance and magic, I just need someone to share it with. And if you’re thinking I’m a bore don’t… I’m still a strong, independent, bonkers woman… I still want my own time and to do my own things… I just want someone awesome to weave into the rest of my life.

If this scares you then your probably not him. I don’t know any other way to love than with my whole heart and soul.

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