The Come Down

With every up, there is a down. So why does it always take me by surprise? Maybe I should have read the signs better and not let myself indulge in self-pity.

Here’s how it went:

  • Feeling rubbish. Sad and alone. Wishing I had someone that loved me at Christmas.
  • Pick myself up with music – too loud and overstimulating
  • Have a drink
  • Have another drink
  • Dance with the dog
  • Have another drink
  • Dance more with the dog
  • Instagram
  • Tantrum from big child
  • Instagram
  • Dance more with dog
  • Burn dinner
  • Instagram
  • Put antlers on dog
  • Dinner
  • Tantrum from the small child
  • Realise I’ve f’d up’d with some tickets
  • Try to cancel them – fail
  • Try to cancel payment – fail
  • Kiss now calm children goodnight
  • Start online shopping for fantasy date
  • Realise I’m being a dick
  • Feel shit
  • Feel tired
  • Write this
  • Drink water
  • Watch Netflix
  • Realise I’m feeling very lonely and sad
  • Get in bed… hoping tomorrow will be better

Welcome to my wonky brain.

Poor Campbell

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