I’ve spent a long time trying to understand and develop myself… I am finally happy with who I am. But are you? Do you question your decisions and actions? Do you let others push you around and bring you down? And most importantly are you letting your mental state ruin your life?

I’ve got loads of friends with anxiety. It comes in so many forms. But the theme running through is the affect that it has on inner happiness and self image. It seems to bring up unfounded worries like: Am I good enough? Am I doing this right? People suffering with anxiety have so many questions in their heads… most of them directed inwards. You have to work very hard to like yourself.

I very lucky that I don’t get anxiety. But I can see how it affects others. So my advice is this… keep telling yourself you are enough, you are beautiful, your friends and family do love you.

If you have ‘friends’ or ‘loved ones’ that fuel your anxiety and make you feel that you aren’t enough, maybe it’s time to question that relationship. No one should make you feel worse. Those around us should build us up not knock us down. It’s crazy hard to break free, but toxic relationships are not great for anyone… especially those with mental health issues.

I know what my darkest thoughts have been in the worse times. So above all, remember this… thoughts in your head aren’t necessarily facts.

You are amazing.

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