Gosh the Christmas songs are getting to me this year. Sia, Underneath the Mistletoe, I could have written that. I dream of having someone to adore and kiss under the mistletoe.

So I’ll be putting on my happy face for the festive period. The truth is I’m desperately lonely. I have my beautiful children but no partner… Plus my living situation is a hot mess… Bring on January!

I love Christmas. But this year it’s even more disappointing than the last few. I want someone to kiss me, I want to give an awesome present to the one I love, I want to put a new dress on and look amazing for someone… The sad thing is I’ve been very lonely for a very long time. I’ve just done something about it this year… onwards!

I can’t imagine what feeling like this must do to people… a lot of dog dancing I’m guessing. But seriously, chronic loneliness must be one of the worst emotions to live with. I’ve been unhappy for a long time, but not alone. I don’t think I could deal with it for very long. So what is the solution? I’m Instagram’ing a lot. I like the positivity of beautiful pictures. I think a lot of people turn to social media for interaction, the trouble is Twitter is a free for all and not very positive. And Facebook is filled with pictures of babies and dogs and whinging. Instagram is much kinder… plus it’s unique content.

What else… I’m guessing the singletons out there do a lot of online dating… not sure if I’m up for it. I certainly don’t think I’ll meet Mr Right by swiping his picture… ask me again in six months.

2021 will be my year. My tall, gorgeous, kind, funny guy is out there… Just need to find him! I’m sure by some serendipitous event we’ll bump into each other… or maybe I’ll just hang out in London hoping that he’s there… I don’t think Devon will yield awesome results! ‘Get your wellies on ‘darlin and I’ll meet ya down pub.’

I hope you’re not lonely this Christmas. Get some sparkle out and get your Instagram on!

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