I’ve written a blog about toxic people. This one is slightly different. It’s about intolerance and narcissism.

Throughout my life, I’ve had many friends of different types. They come and go… but the true friends are always with me. I’ll be honest, not all of them understand me. I’ve not spoken in length about my wonky brain with many. The first reason being not many would understand, the second being so many people I know are narcissists.

Do I think I’m the centre of the universe? No.

Do I think my opinions are fact? No.

Do I put myself above all others? No.

I just don t get it. Why do so many people feel the need to upset those around them by pushing their opinions and values? My values are simply this: show as much love and care to those around you as you humanly can. Build others up, make them happy, behave like a decent human being. Be kind. Be generous. Be tolerant and patient.

If I ever upset you by talking over you, arguing with you or pushing my thoughts on you… please shoot me. We are on this planet for one reason, to show love.

So how do I think people can be less narcissistic? Listen more. Stop and think before you open your mouth. Realise that your way of thinking is your way and not necessarily the way. Be as empathetic as you can. Give yourself more. Try and take less. Stop blaming others for your toxic behaviour.

And if you’re like me and give give give to others… to the detriment of your own sanity… learn to say no. Especially to the people who fill the above criteria and never give anything back… those people can bugger off… spend your time with the good ones and cut the narcissists off!

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