One of the worst things about having mental health issues, whatever they are, is the loneliness that you feel when those around you have no idea how you’re feeling, or how to deal with it.

I just need you to sit with me. Don’t say a word. I don’t need you to fix me. I just want you to hold my hand and give me a cuddle.

My daughter Boe is my lifesaver. When she’s seen me at my worst, she’s sat down next to me, put her arm around me and just gently said ‘it’s ok mummy, it’s ok’. It makes me cry just thinking about it. She literally saves me every day… Along with my dogs… They totally understand me!

There’s another side to this. The people that don’t get you. The partner that can’t handle your issues because they see it as a direct attack on them. The people that start arguments and wind you up even more. The people that can’t just squeeze your hand and look in you eyes with a look that says ‘it’s ok, I love you’.

My advice is this. Stay clear of those people. If you think they’re going to be there for you, you’re a fool, they’re not. They never will, because they just don’t get it.

I’m not telling you to find someone who’s as messed up as you are, just someone who cares enough to try and understand it.

I’m still looking for someone that gets me. I know he’s out there somewhere. I won’t be making the same mistake of choosing someone who doesn’t and I pray that you don’t to. Stay strong x.

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