My cousin told me off once… I put on Facebook that I hate being given flowers. She told me that some people like receiving them and the givers are being thoughtful… I disagree… Here are my reasons:

  1. Flowers die
  2. They get shipped all over the world, bad for the environment
  3. I can’t be arsed to deal with them, find a vase, cut them, water them, watch them die, throw them away
  4. I’d rather be given a plant… which I’d probably kill
  5. I’d even rather you have the money to charity

Why do we give flowers that have been shipped half the way around the world as presents? They just die. Children are living on the streets, starving hungry, drinking filthy water that will make them sick. Do they want flowers? No. A proper meal, a warm bed and some water. Things that as westerners we take for granted.

So please don’t buy me flowers. Or a card. I frickin hate cards even more.

Think before you buy. And if you’re buying something for me, please make it something from UNICEF or Save the Children.

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