With three days to go the pressure is starting to build for Christmas Day. We’re all trying to have the most beautiful house, the biggest tree, the most perfectly cooked meal, the best wrapping. It goes on and on. But is that what Christmas is really about? Should we all just take a chill pill and enjoy the day?

This year I’m taking the pressure off. I’ve got no visitors which is a huge bonus! I’m making a smaller Christmas lunch. I’ve bought ready-made pigs in blankets and stuffing. I’m planning on making my life as easy as possible. I’m planning on actually playing with the children and sitting down a bit!

I know so many people who won’t be relaxing this Christmas. Their anxiety levels are so high that unless they spend all if their time trying to make it perfect, they’ll feel like a failure.

I also know a lot of people will be a bit sad and pretty lonely this Christmas. It’s not been a great year and the current COVID restrictions are isolating people even further.

So why not put yourself first? Ask someone else to do the cooking or order something in. Take the pressure off of yourself by saying no. I guarantee no one will say ‘gosh that’s crap wrapping’ or ‘OMG store-bought cranberry sauce’.

I’m pretty sure however you spent Christmas, in person it virtual, everyone will be so happy to see you happy. Put yourself first and take the pressure off. Grab a drink and chill.

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