All I want from life is awesome memories with those I love. I don’t need presents… stuff I probably don’t need… the caveat here is a present that’s either hand made or personalised in some way or something that really treats you, something you would never ever buy yourself. I put thought into all of my gifts, but don’t ever seem to get anything back that means anything. Sorry if that offends you.

For a recent big birthday I asked for a kayaking trip… a year later and fed up of waiting I bought myself a kayak.

So what are you buying the people you love this year? Is it something that they need or want? Is it something lovely that will make them all warm and fuzzy? Is it something that you’ve really thought about? If it doesn’t tick any of these boxes, it might be time to rethink your gift.

I know I know I sound like a spoilt little brat. But I’m really not. I put so much effort into gifts. I don’t get the BOGOF crap that people buy from the supermarkets, it just doesn’t mean anything.

What makes a great gift is the memory that goes with it. The feeling of joy and love that you get when you realise that someone has really put effort and thought into you.

I love making memories. They can be as simple as a kiss on a muddy walk or as luxurious as a weekend away in an amazing hotel. I spend my life trying to make memories for everyone around me. Because what is life without memories? It’s a life filled with trying to find space for those presents that we really didn’t need!

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