I hope you’re enjoying Christmas Eve. I think I love it more than Christmas Day. It’s a day of magic for me. I cook, make mince pies, wrap presents, watch the Muppet Christmas Carol, iron the table cloth, prep the veg, all whilst listening to the carols on Classic FM.

I also get pretty emotional. I think of the people that are cold and hungry. I think of the children that won’t get anything tomorrow morning. Our world is full of people suffering and I feel guilty about the life I have.

So I always do a lot of charity work at Christmas. This year I’ve filled 25 Rotary Club shoe boxes. I’ve given four big bags of food to our local food bank. I’ve given a huge box of toys and gifts to local vulnerable families. I’ve sorted out clothes and shoes and given to the Salvation Army. I’ve made and sold wreaths for our little village school. And I’ll be donating money to UNICEF shortly.

Christmas for me is a time to be grateful and to be generous. Give a little, put a couple of cans into a food bank, whatever you can. Make a difference this Christmas. Enjoy Christmas Eve.

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