Do you ever feel like your settling? Shouldn’t life be so awesome that you can’t wait to wake up the next day and start it?

A recent Instagram photo said this ‘I’m tired of being just ok, aren’t you?’ I actually wrote a comment because yes I am tired of ok. I’m tired of ‘friends’ stabbing me in the back on social media. I’m tired of no one in my life putting me first. I’m tired of being the only one that gives 100%. I’m tired of people being fake and mostly I’m tired of being let down.

I hope you don’t feel like this too? It’s a bit shite. So what am I going to do about it? Well, I’m well on my way to fixing my wonky brain. I’m searching for Mr Right after Mr Wrong was kicked to the curb. I’m going to be more honest with people with what I expect from them and if someone lets me down they will sure as hell know about it.

I’m too nice and that’s my biggest downfall. I am no pushover. I stand my ground, but normally this means a gentler approach so that I don’t upset anyone. Maybe I should see if people actually do get upset when I’m more honest?

I want more from my life. More experiences, more adventure, more travel, more love. I’m done with settling for anything less than absolutely awesome.

So what are you going to do to be more than ok? My advice is to write a list and get on with it. I’m certainly going to!

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