Throughout life, we meet people that bring us down. It might be a relationship that we’ve chosen or not, a colleague that we can’t escape, a family member that you can’t stand or even someone you’ve read about or watched online.

So why do these people get under our skin and bring us down? Some people have told me that I’m too sensitive… up yours to those wankers (sorry for the language I’ve had a drink). I’m not too sensitive… I feel strongly and passionately, I care deeply and I have empathy. I’d rather be this way than the other… an utter misery guts of a rock who doesn’t feel anything.

People who feel more are prone to be upset by others. You can’t have one without the other. You either feel it you don’t. So how to deal with the negativity of others? It’s a tricky one, you have to train your brain to recognise the horridness of others. Once you do you can label your emotional response as ‘utter nonsense’ (or whatever you want) and let it go.

The key is not to let the negativity embed itself in your thoughts. Recognise it and let it go. That’s all we (the dreamers, the romantics, the awesome ones) can do. Block out the crap from the dicks of this world and surround ourselves with the lovely ones.

Stay strong. Much love j x

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