I’ve got two labradors. They’re quite honestly the most amazing creatures to me. Campbell, the big one, dances around the kitchen with me when no one else does. He comes and sits on my feet at any opportunity. And when I’m having a crappy day, he is my shadow.

Bella the little one is lovely, but a bit dense if I’m honest… sorry Bella.

Therapy animals were pioneered by Florence Nightingale and Freud believed that dogs can sense tension and anxiety. Today they are used in care homes, hospitals and schools to help people with their loneliness, stress and anxiety.

I think dogs can do amazing things for anyone with mental health issues. They never judge you. They’re always happy to sit and listen. They provide unconditional love when it may be lacking in other areas of your life. They are the best companions. And honestly, when you want to hide from the world, a dog can deflect unwanted attention.

Not everyone can have a dog in their lives… they do require a lot of time and attention themselves. They are basically your child and that’s not for everyone. But it the good thing is that dogs are everywhere, I’m sure you know someone that might like to lend you theirs and there is always the ‘Borrow my Doggy’ site.

If you’re suffering from anxiety or agoraphobia I’d recommend Googling therapy dogs and researching whether one could help you. What’s the worst that will happen, you might end up with a new puppy that becomes your world!

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