Do you hold onto stuff? One of the most difficult mental skills to master is acceptance and letting go.

If you can’t let go of whatever is running around in your mind, it will start to fester and eat away at you.

Whether it’s something someone said or something you did. A situation that didn’t work out as it should or maybe one of life’s many challenges. Holding on to negative or upsetting thoughts, remunerating on them for hours on end just isn’t healthy.

You need to ask yourself this: Will holding on to this thought change the outcome? Will it make you feel better? The answer is no.

Meditate if you can, or just sit quietly. Think about the negative thought. Let whatever emotions surface surface. Feel them wash over you. Observe them. Now let them go. Holding on to them isn’t doing you any good. To quote the Beatles… Let it be.

You’ve got this. You’re amazing. Stay strong.

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