I accidentally just watched a video on Facebook about a celebrity who had got into trouble about being sexist. I say I accidentally watched it because I’m not really into ‘celebrity’. I don’t read tabloids or magazines. I don’t watch crap on YouTube and I normally scroll past junk like this video… but it just caught my eye.

I won’t quote what was said in the video, because who knows if it was true or not. It made him out to be some kind of creepy misogynistic slimeball… But honestly, I thought he was being very lovely and very honest.

I’m a mix of being a mild feminist (we should be paid the same, treated the same and are stronger than men) to being an old fashioned girl from a Jane Austin novel.

I’m a huge romantic. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. I try to create magic and romance every day of my life for everyone around me. I’m not talking hearts and flowers. I’m talking about those moments in life that give you butterflies, make your heart sing and make you feel special. (Read blog Mr Right and Love Like Your Life Depends on it.)

But I’ve never had it back. I’ve literally never been pursued by a man… ever. My first boyfriend, I met in a club and I went to talk to him. My second I virtually had to force in to being with me (that ended well). My third I was already friends with. And my fourth (the guy I’m divorcing) I had to wait until he’d caught up and eventually called me his girlfriend.

No one has ever pursued me. I’ve always wanted someone to. How lovely to have someone actually wanting to be with you. How romantic. I can’t imagine how it feels… pretty awesome I’m sure.

I’m also 100% sure that if you’re a romantic and you’re in a relationship with someone that isn’t… it’s not going to end well for you. You’ll end up feeling sad and alone because you won’t be getting that lovely tingly feeling when someone has made a magic moment just for you. Trust me on this one, I’ve made the mistake four times now!

So yes, I think old fashioned romance is awesome… I don’t mind if a man holds the door for me because I’ll hold it for him. I wouldn’t mind being smothered with love and affection because I know I’d give it back. If a man wants to pay for dinner, go ahead, I’ll buy the next one.

So give the guy in the video a break. Men and women can pursue whoever they want. Romance is not dead and if someone pursues you… you’re lucky. I’m still waiting for my Mr Darcy.

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