Have you ever ended up so angry or stressed out or upset and wondered how on earth you’d got there? I’ve done it many times.

So if this sounds like you, what should you do about it? Firstly, you need to identify the warning signs in yourself. Focus inward and feel what’s going on. Your heart rate may have gone up, you might be clenching your fists/shoulders/stomach/jaw, you might be talking louder or not talking at all, you may be physically moving towards the thing winding you up or retreating from it, your mind is probably full of negative or angry thoughts, you might feel panic rising. So the question is: Fight or flight?

Once you’ve figured out how to spot the warning signs you can do something about it. Take yourself away and out of the situation.

Hopefully, by now you’re in another room or even better outside. Take a breath… and another… and another. Start to relax your body and your mind. Do whatever you need to do to let the upset, stress or anger go. Take extra medication if you need to. Water can help, as the physical stimulation is proven to create calm. Have a shower if you need to. Maybe a bath if that would help. Do some meditation, light a candle or incense stick to focus on smell. Maybe take some rescue remedy. Focus on your breath, slow it down.

Now let it go. Don’t remunerate on what’s just happened. It’s in the past. Let it go. Move on. Be Happy.

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