Well, it’s here. The last day of 2020. The day that we all should be celebrating after nearly a year of COVID.

But with the current restrictions in place, it’s a bit tough. So after a kitchen disco, grab a bottle and your PJs and get on the sofa for a film or a Zoom.

I actually hate New Years. It’s a huge build-up to one moment where all I want is to be kissed… it never happens… that moment where someone just wants it to feel like it’s just you and them in the world… I’ve never had it. It’s my fault for choosing emotionally unavailable partners… 2021 will be different!

So what is the one thing that you’ll do differently in 2021? I’m not talking about a resolution like I’m going to exercise more or drink less etc. I’m talking about the one big thing that you’ll do differently… stop making the same mistakes over and over.

Mine is putting my happiness first. What’s yours?

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