I realised last year that I was suffering from my first ever bout of anxiety. My chest would tighten, pulse racing, I felt horrendous and like the walls were closing in on me. It was horrid.

After a couple of weeks a pattern formed that I was feeling like this around 3 pm… the time that the daily COVID news conferences were happening. I was checking the daily figures obsessively and getting myself worked up.

So I stopped watching the news and checking the internet. I just accepted that we were in this situation and there was nothing I could do about it. And so my anxiety subsided and I started feeling better.

I can’t imagine having anxiety all the time. It must be crippling. If you can figure out what is triggering your anxiety you can work to beat it. I know that when I’m ill I become very self-destructive, so my challenge to you is this… figure out what’s going on, make a diary if that helps and work to reduce your anxiety one step at a time.

I recently wrote a blog on therapy dogs, check it out here. And here’s a link to the Mind website that has information and support on battling anxiety. Stay strong x

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