• It’s ok to eat too much
  • It’s ok to get a bit drunk
  • It’s ok to sleep in late
  • It’s ok to binge on your favourite show
  • It’s ok to ignore the phone
  • It’s ok to say no
  • It’s ok to put things off
  • It’s ok to stick the children in front of the tv
  • It’s ok to treat yourself
  • It’s ok to forget things
  • It’s ok to skip this or that
  • It’s ok to not be ok

The world isn’t going to stop turning because you didn’t do these things. Stop beating yourself up. No one is perfect. But…

  • It’s not ok to stop looking after yourself
  • It’s not ok to skip your meds
  • It’s not ok to stop eating
  • It’s not ok to shut the world out for long

Look after yourself. Get outside. Eat healthily. Take your meds. Get well. Stay strong.

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