The kids start nagging as soon as you open half an eye. Your partner/housemate tells you some shitty news the second they see you. The dog has chewed something up and you’re left to clean it up. The cat has been sick in the corner and you turn your phone on to a missed call from work on your day off.

Get a clue people. Do you realise what it’s like living with a mental health problem? Do you realise that we need to wake up calmly, have a cup of coffee and a shower before you bombard us with life? Do you think that this assault on the senses is going to help us today? How the fuck do you think we’re going to feel now?

Get a clue people. Help us be calm. Help us be relaxed. Help us get through this. Be a little bit more self-sufficient. Sometimes we need you to pick shit up and leave us alone.

If you’re prone to bad mornings like me, maybe you should share this post with the people you live with? It’s time that they understood that their actions have a massive impact on your mood. Hopefully, they’ll make change and leave you alone tomorrow!

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