I’ve got a real bugbear with anything fake. I don’t read tabloids or trashy magazines and I take most of what I see on social media with a pinch of salt.

I’m a Marketing Director so I guess that helps. I’ve worked in agencies and with PR lovies. I’ve art directed and seen behind the scenes of photo and film shoots, so I get that most of what’s put in front of us is manufactured for a specific purpose.

I’m glad that I get this, I know a lot of people don’t. It makes me so sad that girls think that they aren’t beautiful or slim enough because they’re comparing themselves to images online or in a magazine. Boys thinking that their bodies aren’t perfect enough. I wish more celebrities would write about the reality, hours spent with a personal trainer in the gym and strict diets. Plus the hair and makeup and then post-production… Retouching everything.

My Instagram account is entirely me. Images I’ve taken or created. Yes, I might use a filter or two, but nothing is retouched and everything is 100% real and current.

I know people that share stuff that isn’t theirs, post old images that look current, doctor their online info, lie about their age, retouch and edit everything. It’s unbelievable!

So when you next feel shite about your body because of an image that you’ve seen, just imagine that person in real life with no makeup and in between filming schedules… Trust me when I say they have a bit of a belly too! We’re all different and we’re all beautiful, try to emulate real role models not trashy celebrities, they’re just faking it!

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