I have never been asked to dance by a man. Not once. Never. Isn’t that sad? Is romance dead? Or am I just choosing the wrong type of men?

I’m going to throw out a huge generalisation here… most women like to dance. Most women want to be asked to dance. What is more lovely than being close to the one you love and getting lost in the music… even if it’s in your kitchen?

So do men still ask women to dance or did the tradition get lost somewhere? I think old fashioned romance is something to be embraced. I write a post on it a few weeks ago.

In a relationship, both people need to spend their time trying to make the other happy. So if your partner likes to dance, ask her. And while we’re at it… text her, call her, treat her, pay for dinner, take her away, ask her to dance, buy her some jewellery, kiss her in the rain, hold her hand, make her feel special. Show her how much you love her or him.

Some might say that this stuff, romance, magic, isn’t needed, well I think it is. It’s what makes our lives special. It’s what creates those lovely little butterflies in our tummies and it’s how you know someone cares about how you’re feeling.

Make each other happy. Try hard every day. Do lovely things for everyone you know. To give love and to be loved is why we are here. Don’t waste it.

Ask her to dance… Actually don’t ask, just do it.

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