I’m sat here feeling all grumpy and prickly because someone has got under my skin. I can’t write too much but let’s just say it’s a gossiping bossyboots.

Why do people get under our skin? I guess it’s a reaction to something they’ve said or done that we don’t like. In this instance, a text message, which can always be read the wrong way, has annoyed me.

So what shall I do about it? Remunerate on it for hours? Avoid that person? Send a shitty reply? None of the above. It’s my problem, not theirs. They probably have no idea that they’ve got under my skin. How could they? They weren’t being malicious or unkind, if they were I’d probably pick up the phone and talk it out.

When someone gets under your skin and it’s clearly your irrational reaction rather than what they’ve actually done, just let it go. Maybe meditate on it and try to figure out why it’s upset you so much. Let whatever emotions come up. Now either act on it or let it go.

It’s perfectly fine to stick up for yourself or argue a point if the other person is wrong. But if your reaction is based on you feeling annoyed or upset when the other person hasn’t actually done anything, you need to get over it. Try to figure out if the annoyance is based on a fact. If it’s not, your mind is being irrational.

In this instance, I’m letting it go. It’s my problem, not theirs and breath!

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