When you’re younger and you’re not really sure who you are yet, you tend to question everything. You’re not quite sure if the thoughts in your head are right or whether the opinions of others are. But as you get older and a bit more confident you start believing in yourself a bit more.

When you reach the stage of being completely happy in your own skin, you’ll realise that a some of your past decisions weren’t right and that’s ok, we learn from our mistakes. But you’ll also see that you should have trusted yourself a bit more.

That feeling in your stomach that you know you’re right, you should listen to it a lot more. It’s not just intuition, it’s also your inner voice standing up for itself.

I really should have listened to my heart a lot more in my last relationship. I’m not saying I shouldn’t have got married or that I regret it, but I should have trusted myself a bit more. When I think about other relationships, personal and professional, I always listen to my heart and my stomach. If something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. That job that’s making you unhappy, you’ll feel it in the pit of your stomach every time you walk through the door. The friend that’s dragging you down every time you see them, you’ll feel lighter and more positive when you get home. And the toxic relationship that you keep talking yourself into, maybe listen to your inner voice a bit more and make a positive change for yourself.

I must stress that your inner voice, your stomach and your heart, are not the same as your head. Your head plays tricks on you. It twists and distorts reality and makes you question yourself. It also talks you into staying when something isn’t right… it’s very brave to put yourself first. Remember that the thoughts in your head aren’t always fact.

So the next time something feels right or wrong for that matter, take five minutes to meditate and really listen to your stomach and your heart. They are our inner voice and should be listened to where our mind may have let us down.

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