I recently wrote a blog post on social media success. This post goes a bit deeper into who you should and shouldn’t be following/reading/watching…

I had a strange conversation last year with a friend who clearly didn’t get social media. She said something along the lines of ‘well my sister in law put something up that really annoyed me and I talked to my husband about it and we decided not to post something back’.

It just left me baffled. You don’t have to follow your family, or your friends, or your work colleagues. You don’t have to follow anyone that you don’t want to. Fuck social media etiquette, block them, add them to a restricted list or just unfriend/unfollow them!

The same goes for businesses, brands, people in the public eye. If you don’t like what they’re saying, it’s time to say bye-bye.

Follow people that have the same values as you. Follow people that have the same interests as you. Follow brands that show thought and care for people and the planet.

So how can you use your screen time wisely? Stop reading garbage. Stop watching hours of junk videos. Stop reading the media obsessively. Don’t watch violent, upsetting series/films. Unfollow people who are fake, obsessed with looks, obsessed with themselves. Unfollow ‘celebrities’ that act like celebrities.

Use your screen time to: educate yourself, read/watch positivity, read books, learn about how to develop yourself, gain insight into things that you’re interested in, support charities and people in need, keep up to speed on environmental issues, be creative.

I watch films and read books that make me smile and inspire me. I love sci-fi and fantasy so these are my go to for chill out time! I try not to use my phone for entertainment, it is hard. It’s better to pick up a book than it is your phone, try to limit your screen time, especially before bed.

So who do I follow? I follow people like Bear Grills, Ant Middleton, Jason Fox, Aldo Kane, Steve Backshall and Ben and Marina Fogle. They all talk about mental health, resilience and positivity.

I follow people that make me laugh or happy like Keith Lemon, Scouting for Girls, Dawn O’Porter, Fuckology, Action for Happiness, Vex King.

I follow people that inspire me to be fit and healthy like Chris Hemsworth, Pretzel Studio, Asana Rebel, NamasteClare, The Happy Pear.

I follow people who talk about mental health like Waffleshop Podcast, Katie’s Selfcare Diaries, Matt Haig.

And I follow people who care about the environment and people like Greenpeace, United Nations, UNICEF, Choose Love, Dalail Lama, Wildlife Trusts, Extinction Rebellion.

Plus a few other people that I think are lovely and awesome, plus a few friends.

My news feed is filled with things to pick me up, make me healthy, inspire me, educate me and things that make me smile. If you want to check out my Instagram CLICK HERE

Maybe it’s time you had a look at your screen time and social media? Look at whether it’s doing you any good, if not it might be time to have a rethink!

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