Life is so busy. Work and families take up so much of our time and before you know it you’ve forgotten who you are and what you like to do.

Last year I started putting myself first. I said no to time thieves and made sure I spent a good chunk of my week doing things for myself. So where am I now? Well, my mental health is better than it’s been in probably six years. I’m fitter, stronger, healthier than I have been in a long time. I feel good. I feel more confident. I feel happier!

So how can you carve out some time for yourself? It’s not easy, especially when you have children. It gets easier to get some of you back when they get older. But I have to say one of my best friends has the balance right. She and her partner have always left their daughter with family to make time for themselves, as a couple and individually. I didn’t have someone that I was happy leaving my babies with when they were young, but I do now.

If you’re not sure how to start putting yourself first. Start by making a list of the things that you love to do. You can add little things like getting a massage or even just having a long bath. You can add big things like a weekend or a holiday with friends. It should absolutely be filled with wellness to help your mental state. If you don’t already start exercising, walking, running, yoga. Get yourself outside for at least an hour a day. Make time for the things you love by scheduling some time away from your family. It’s ok to ask for some you time!

I’d also recommend reading more. We all seem to have lost touch with books and reading. I’ve got a kindle and I read hard copies. Get some books on wellness, positivity, mental health, plus some that you’re interested in. I love a good romantic comedy. Mix it up. You can’t read educational books 100% of the time.

Figure out if your work-life balance is right. Sometimes out careers come before our personal lives and that’s ok… as long as you’re not missing out on life. My advice is to complete this wheel of life exercise from GYDA Initiative (who I’m Marketing Director of).

Click to open exercise.

And lastly, ask for help! Ask someone else to do the chores or get a cleaner in. Say no to people sucking your time and energy. Delegate delegate delegate!

I hope you manage to carve some time out for yourself, I’m pretty sure you deserve it! Good luck x

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