I have huge guilt issues when I think about the life that I lead. I like nice things, nice food, nice experiences and nice trips. I think it’s better to buy quality than quantity. If you invest in better brands your items are likely to last longer. For example, I love the Dualit brand. My mother buys a new toaster with the change of the wind but mine is still going strong nearly four years on.

The reason I feel guilt is the huge gap between the rich and poor all over the world and even in the UK. I know that there are children that go hungry who live just down the road. So why should I have nice things? Do I deserve them?

Well, when I think about the person I am I guess the answer is yes. I work very hard, I am a good person and I do and give a lot to charity. I don’t take what I have for granted. I teach my children manners and good values.

I’ve been reading about The Law of Attraction. It’s very interesting, check it out on Google. Basically, the principle is this, if you want/need something, you work towards it, you visualise having it, you make space for it in your life, the universe will find a way to bring it to you. You have to be positive and believe that you deserve it and will have it.

I give a certain percentage of my time and money to charity every year. Hopefully year on year this will grow. I wish that more people felt the same. I know a lot of people that think that their good job title defines them and makes them superior. If only they had good values and shared their good fortune.

So focus on what you want in life. Hopefully it’s not just material things or money. And if you’re a good person, hopefully these things will come to you and you will share them with those less fortunate. Don’t feel guilty about the life you lead, as long as you are kind and care for the important things you’ll be just fine.

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