I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. When I’ve been in a relationship it’s always a bit of a let down and when I’ve been single it’s like the whole world is in love and you’re the only person feeling lonely.

Why do we put so much pressure on one day? And why do we feel the need to buy tat covered in hearts? My gift to you would be one that was heartfelt. Maybe a bracelet made from ocean plastic or a personalised print made just for you. I’ve never received anything like that… it’s flowers from a garage and a box of mass produced chocolates that I really don’t like for me.

How I think valentines should go and how do I think you can show more thought and care? Make breakfast, any food cooked is like a huge treat. Skip the mass produced card, write a poem or a love note. Go out for a walk, kiss me in the rain and make a memory. Brunch or lunch is far more exciting than an expensive dinner for me, but I am huge foodie so somewhere that makes awesome food like a Pig hotel or Ottolenghi’s or even just a simple picnic in the park… ergo you need to find out what the one you love loves and do more of it. Spend the day making lovely memories and being together. Quality time is a better gift than something covered in hearts. And very importantly listen to the one you love… if last year they said thanks for the flowers but I’m really not in to them, listen and learn. The worst thing in the world is someone going on autopilot and buying you crap that will make you cry on the inside because you’ve not been heard.

You could also choose to give a charity gift. A donation, a gift from the ethical range on a charity’s website. Choose Love is amazing. Or something like a Together Band. These gifts show care and give back to those in need. Making you feel doubly warm and fuzzy!

The most important thing about valentines is to give time to the one you love. And if you’re single don’t sit alone and be sad, you’ll find someone soon. Grab some ice cream, put Bridget Jones on and order yourself a beautiful gift… that’s what I’ll be doing this year!

So why am I writing about valentines? Well maybe to help the men if this world grow an ounce of actual romance and get a clue… or maybe because I’m ever hopeful that this year will be the year that Mr Darcy will stride along my lane, picking a few wildflowers as he goes and sweep me off my feet! Dream on me!

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