One of my close friends told me recently that romance doesn’t matter. I totally disagreed. I create magic and romance in every day of my life.

It’s Valentine’s Day today. I ordered myself a treat. I’ve made afternoon tea for my mum and children. And I made them valentines cards as a little surprise this morning. Why should I miss out on a day of love because I’m single?

We go on wet and windy walks, come home and have hot chocolate in front of the fire. We have beach picnics and write silly messages in the sand. We have kitchen discos for no reason other than we want to dance. We write each other notes and do lovely things ever day. This is romance. The lovely warm feeling in your tummy that makes you feel happy and loved. Yes, you can get it from a partner too, but it’s not a requirement!

I can’t wait to have a new someone special in my life to share all of this with. But I won’t expect valentines to all be on him, I don’t know why there is so much pressure on relationships and men on this one day of the year. I certainly don’t want a bunch of crappy garage flowers or a mass-produced card just because it’s February 14th. I’d rather have romance and magic every day!

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