I have days like today where I think ‘what the hell is going on, why do I feel like this?!’ It’s easy to over analyse every emotion that comes up. But remember, just because you’re feeling down or lonely or sad or whatever, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get horrendously ill. Everyone has bad days! It’s perfectly ok to feel a bit shite now and again. Life is full of ups and downs. You’re going to be ok!

When I feel like this I turn to mindfulness. Meditation and turning your focus inwards will help you accept whatever is present right now. I already know why I’m feeling crappy, I had a bad nights sleep so I’m tired, I’m really busy at work and my best friends wedding is edging ever closer and I have no one to go with. See, I already feel better by just writing it down.

So hopefully you’ve done a little bit of meditation. If you haven’t because you don’t know where to start I’d highly recommend the Calm App. They have lots of different series of meditations to work through and they’re all easy peasy. And during your meditation you’ve hopefully let whatever is there come up and you can now move forward.

It’s time to let whoever this go. Accept that you’re feeling like this right now and do something about it. Remuneration on it won’t help. Worrying about it won’t help. Over analysing won’t help. It’s ok to feel rubbish now and again!

What are you going to do next? What will support you in feeling a bit better? Be kind to yourself. Eat cake. Have a nap. Call a friend. Go for a walk. Do some exercise. Whatever it is that you know will help, do it! And don’t feel guilty about it. Put yourself first.

I always find some awesome music and a good dance around the kitchen helps! Try it now!

Above all else, know that this too shall pass. Tomorrow is a new day! Sending you a virtual hug xxx

Ps if this doesn’t pass. If this isn’t just one bad day. You know yourself better than anyone. Talk to a doctor.

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