I’ve just booked a ticket to go to a local music festival. I haven’t got anyone to go with yet, but I’ve invited a couple of girl friends. It seems big and scary to go on my own, but I know I’ll have an awesome time. I’m trying to plan some fun things to look forward to this year… COVID can bugger off. I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all had enough of lockdown!

I plan a lot of social things in a year. I love to throw garden parties and have friends over for dinner. I love boutique music festivals and any sort of live music. And I love to get an invite to do something fun with other people… if it’s black-tie… even better. I love a chance to wear something nice and get out of the country mud! But to a lot of people with mental health issues, this is a nightmare.

We all make excuses for not getting involved. It’s raining so I can’t go for a walk. I’m too tired so I’m going to stay at home. I’m not sure who will be there so I won’t come. I’m working tomorrow so I better not.

All of these are pretty rubbish excuses for not getting involved. They are just that. An excuse. What is the real reason that you’re not joining in? You’ve got anxiety, you’re worried, you don’t feel like it? Agoraphobia is awful, I’ve had it in the past. But what would happen if you took up the invitation? You might have some fun, you might enjoy yourself, you might feel lighter after interacting with other people.

It might be hard and exhausting, but you need to get involved. Life is waiting for you. Join in and see what happens!

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