To all the women who speak their mind and are called headstrong.

To all the women who embrace their curves and are called overweight.

To all the sportswomen who are called manly.

To all the female business leaders who are called alpha females.

To all the quiet women who are called sensitive.

To all the unique women who are called weird.

To all the women with mental health issues who are dismissed.

To all the working mums who are called career women.

And the working women who don’t want children who are called everything under the sun.

And the stay at home mums who are called housewives.

To all the wonderful women of the world, you are amazing and beautiful each in your own way. You are adaptable and caring beyond comprehension. You add so much value to the people around you. You inspire girls to grow up and be what they want to be and teach boys what equality and sexism is. You work harder than anyone. You go above and beyond your duty. You give love and positivity every day. The world needs more of you. Never conform. Never give up. Never apologise for being you.

Stand together and choose to challenge.

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