Something that people with mental health issues probably think, but never say. It’s true, we can’t help it. We have an illness that makes us this way.

Would you be angry with someone who was spotty because they have chickenpox?

Would be annoyed because someone with a broken leg needs the door holding open for them?

Would you try and get someone with flu out of bed because they’re tired?

On behalf of all the people with mental health illness:

We’re sorry we seem grumpy

We’re sorry if we get angry

We’re sorry that you have to do more chores

We’re sorry for not wanted to go

We’re sorry for not being there for you

We’re sorry we can’t work today

We’re sorry we’re scared and upset

We’re sorry that we need your help

Now, put yourself in our shoes. Imagine what it feels like to have anxiety or depression or bipolar. Imagine how it feels, then times that by 1000. Now imagine living with it every day. Please try to understand. Please try to help. Please try not to hold it against us.

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