It is sad when a relationship ends. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe someone’s heart wasn’t it. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. Maybe one person wanted it more than the other. It’s sad, but it’s also positive. I’m a firm believer in true love. I’m a huge romantic. I believe in destiny and fate. I believe that we all end up where we should. That might be alone for some people, for others it might mean meeting their soul mate at 15 and for others, it might be a lifetime of relationships. All I know is that you shouldn’t settle for less.

You shouldn’t be doing all the chasing. The other person should make time for you, you are not part-time. They should contact you, a text message, a phone call, if they want to be with you they will contact you. They shouldn’t want to see other people, they shouldn’t want to change you, you should be enough. You should be at the top or pretty near the top of their list. They should miss you when you’re apart and move mountains to be with you. They should stick around when the going gets tough. They should love you at your worst and not just your best. They should choose you every day and you them. No one should settle because they’re scared of being alone. You shouldn’t be an option, when it’s right there’s no other choice.

What’s the point in being in a relationship that makes you unhappy, leaves you feeling unfulfilled? Why be with someone who makes you feel sad and lonely? You shouldn’t be constantly trying to explain what you need. You shouldn’t be begging the other person to love you a certain way. You shouldn’t be the one putting in all the effort.

Relationships are hard. You have to give it your all. You have to try every day to make the other person happy. If you give up it’s over. Sometimes it’s only when it ends that you can see how bad it was. Have more self-respect for yourself, move on and meet the love of your life. Just because you have a past doesn’t mean you won’t have an amazing future. The right one will have a past too!

I’m not settling again. You need to be an absolute legend to get my attention. Love your mama, charity work, the nice guy that everyone wants to take home, kind, generous, successful, modest, a beautiful soul who can match my level of love. Someone who will kick ass for me in every aspect of our lives and relationship. Someone who always strives to be a better person. Someone who puts me first. Don’t get me wrong, no one is perfect, but my Mr Right is going to blow the rest out of them water… now where do I find him?

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