Music and dancing are a huge outlet of mine. No, I’m not a ballet dancer, I’m talking about the dance like you mean it around your kitchen kinda style… with the dog. I don’t care what I look like, I care that it makes me feel better.

I was feeling a bit crappy the other day so I put Lada Gaga on and finished up work singing at the top of my voice… which is terrible but who cares (I work from home so don’t panic, I wasn’t inflicting it on anyone else!) I felt loads better and the rest of my day wasn’t ruined by a bad mood.

My life is basically one big musical. I have music on in the car, if I’m behind you you’ll see me singing my heart out. I dance around the island in my kitchen like it’s a club dance floor. I love music festivals and any live music. Music is an awesome way to let some steam off. It’s also an awesome way to help your mood. If you’re feeling stressed and angry, put some classical on and chill out. Feeling sad or low, stick your favourite tunes on and dance around your kitchen. Need some romance, stick some soppy music on (I love Ed Sheeran and Otis Reading). Need to blow off some steam, put some cheesy pop on and dance like a kid.

You need to find something that makes you feel happy in times of need. Don’t turn to alcohol or self-destructive or self-indulgent behaviours. Moping around isn’t going to make you feel better. Being stressed and angry isn’t going to go away without intervention. But you don’t have to use music as an outlet, it’s the thing that works for me. You might love gardening or running or painting or even hoovering. What would make you feel happy when you’re down or calm when you’re angry? What is your quick fix go-to activity that you can turn to? What can you do quickly and easily? Mine is definitely music, so why not try it, get your groove on and prance around the house having fun. I guarantee you’ll feel better! Go and find your inner Gaga!

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