As the years have gone by, people seem to have lost the knowledge of how to properly conduct themselves. The internet and social media provide a platform for free speech and it seems that everyone believes their opinion is valid and wanted. I think it’s a toxic culture that fosters hate and bullying.

Why not hold your tongue. Be kind. Think before you speak, think before you post. Is your opinion being asked for? In a lot of cases, it’s not. And in most cases, people are ousting their opinion. Opinion is the view of the writer and not necessarily everyone else and it certainly is not fact. Facts are statements that have a quantifiable truth behind them. Opinion is your view on the matter. Know the difference.

I think it’s very brave of people in the public eye to use social media. They’re sharing their lives, sometimes too much, with a world of people that think that they can lay their opinions on them. A lot of the time people are spreading hate. They’re jealous and think that if someone is a ‘celebrity that they can take everything that’s thrown at them. Well, they can’t. They’re human beings too. Look at what happened to Caroline Flack. It’s so sad. Our media are pit bulls with no moral fibre. We’ve bought in to their fake news and celebrity gossip for so many years that now a lot of people believe that everything they read it true. It’s mental.

I’ve not read the news today but I know there are people spreading hate about Prince Philip. The 99-year-old husband, father, uncle, grandfather and great father. The man who served in our military, who fought for conservation and the environment. The man who inspires children to be adventurous and more with the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The man that worked his who life for our country. His actions and life have been exceptional, but what are people talking about? A few silly comments that he’s made over the years. No one is perfect.

So I urge you to think before you speak. In-person, when writing a text or email and most certainly before you post something online. Are you posting out of love or hate? Is what your writing inspiring and kind? Do you really need to write it? Has that person asked for your opinion?

Above all things in life, be kind.

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