Are you happy being you? Do you feel and act like you? Or are you still finding out who that is?

I think being happy in your own skin is a wonderful thing. I guess I’ve reached an age where I realise that it makes you happier being you, than it does trying to fit everyone else’s idea of what right is. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. If you don’t like me for who I am then you’re not a true friend. The sooner you get your head around this, the sooner you’ll be happy and confident.

I took my little ones out today. We were going swimming, so I wrestled my unstraightened hair back with an Alice band, put my crocs on (with socks) and went out without much thought… or make up… at all. And what a lovely day we had. Who cares what I looked like? Certainly not me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a posh dinner at one of the Pig hotels, I love getting glammed up for a girls night and most days I’m neat and tidy. So who cares if you look a bit straggly on the the other days?

For me life is full of opposites. I love a weekend in a 5* hotel as much as I love camping. I love throwing on Ugg boots and my favourite hoodie as much as I love a beautiful Reiss dress. I love painting with mud in Forest School as much as I love my role as a Marketing Director. I love throwing a garden party for my village friends as much as I love being on my own. I love cooking healthy food and doing yoga as much as I love fish and chips. I’m happy being me. So what do you love about you? Have you figured it out yet? And are you surrounding yourself with people that make you feel relaxed and happy?

I’ve walked into bars, many years ago, and been scoffed at by other girls. I used to wonder why I didn’t really fit in. I now know that it was because I’ve got a great figure and a unique style. Sometimes young women just can’t handle that, neither can the boys for that matter. I love sci-fi and country music. I swear too much when I’m drunk. I undercut my hair. I wear hats constantly and beanies inside. I’ve got huge Rayban glasses that I love wearing. I’m a bit long and gangly. I care too much. I give too much. I live for adventure and fun. I want a better world for my children. I have a massive sense of occasion. To some of my friends I’m too posh, to others I’m not posh enough. Sod it. I’m me and if that’s not good enough for you then bugger off!

Never apologise for being you. Never try to fit in. Never wear what you think other people will like. Dress in clothes that make you happy. Have your hair the way you want it. Do the things that make you happy. Love being you. And if you’re not sure who you are yet, try as many different things in life as you can and find what makes you happy!

Remember, you’re awesome. Your quirks and uniqueness make you who you are. Don’t change for anyone!

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