If you’re struggling with relationships and your love life is less than desirable you should get yourself into Instagram and read some of the insight on love. I’m serious! I follow people like Mark Antony who writes the most beautiful love poetry, Loveology, RM Drake. I saw a two great quotes this morning ‘people don’t abandon people they love, they abandon people they’ve been using.’ And ‘if someone seriously wants to be part of your life, they’ll seriously make an effort to be in it.’

If like me you’re someone who has been through a few relationships you need to know that what your striving for isn’t just a fantasy in your head, but a reality that someday you will achieve. You deserve more. You deserve everything you’ve ever dreamed of. True love does exist… you might not find it the first few times, but there is someone for you out there.

You shouldn’t settle. You shouldn’t lower your expectations. And you should be as much to that person, as they are to you. Don’t feel bad if someone tells you they’re not feeling it. They’ve just saved you a load of time and honesty really is the best option.

You also shouldn’t keep fighting for someone who isn’t interested. If you’re giving your all and they’re giving nothing… walk away When it’s right. When it’s love. They’ll move mountains to be with you. You won’t be an option. There will be no other choice.

I’ve made the mistake of pushing too hard for love and in the end the only person that was hurt was me. You need to read the signs and be open to what people are saying or not saying and most importantly actions speak louder than words. You shouldn’t be the only one putting in effort or being the first to make contact. You shouldn’t have to persuade someone to be with you. If they want to be with you they’ll be trying really hard to be with you.

Another great quote I’ve just seen: ‘When love is real it doesn’t cheat, lie, pretend, or make you left wanting.’

I think the trouble is that we’re all a bit scared to be on our own. We want to be in a relationship so much that we push for something that isn’t right. When you have children or a dog for that matter, you love them unconditionally. You don’t have to choose to love them, you just do. You do everything you can to make them happy. You look after them when they’re ill and cuddle them when they’re sad. You help them learn and grow. So why don’t you think you deserve a love like this back from your partner? You do! You do deserve it. So if they’re not treating you as you want to be treated, do something about it.

I cant wait for someone to have unconditional love for me. Honestly it’ll be the first time. No one has ever pursued me. No one has ever made the first or second move. No one has ever rung me and said hi I really want to see you. It’s sad really. Clearly I was delusional. I honestly thought they they felt the same way, I listened to words but didn’t hold them accountable for their actions. In love, actions are everything.

I can’t wait to meet someone new and when I do I’ll try my hardest to make them smile and fill our lives with laughter. They’ll never worry or wonder if I love them because I’ll tell them every day how much they mean to me. I’ll pick them up when they’re down. I’ll be there when they need me and I’ll give as much of my time as I can to them. I will love them unconditionally.

So in love I give everything. I’ll love you for who you are. You won’t be my second choice and I’m not going to try and change you. If I love you I’ll do everything to be with you. The question is, will you do the same?

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