My friends and family, colleagues and network all come in different shapes and sizes. They all have different professions, hobbies and interests. They all dress differently, look different and have their own values and opinions.

Isn’t diversity great? So why do we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others? Why do we have to make more money, have a better car, a bigger house, be more intelligent, more beautiful, thinner, fitter? We don’t. But why do some people constantly have to compare themselves to others? Pointing out how well they’re doing at every opportunity.

I’m fed up with it. Can’t you celebrate me for my achievements? Don’t you realise that we’re all wonderful in our own ways? I’ve strived my whole life to look and feel like me, just me, no one else. I don’t really care what anyone else is up to. Your goals are yours, not mine. Your weight, your clothes and your life is yours and yours alone. Stop comparing yourself to me. Stop trying to best me.

We should support each other. We should smile and be happy for someone when they do something that makes them happy. We should celebrate each other.

I have to say that I think women are worse than men for comparison. I’ve spent the last year getting back in shape after gaining a little bit of weight due to medication. How many comments have I received from other women that are derogatory, lots. How many comparisons with how they’re doing with their goals, loads. How many compliments, none.

So stop comparing yourself with others and if someone compares them-self to you, tell them to bugger off. Focus on what you’re doing. You’re amazing in your own way!

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