If your days roll into weeks and your weeks roll into months you may need to push the reset button. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut or a routine that is hard to get out of. Maybe you wake up and pick up your phone to check social media. Maybe you order takeaway and eat processed food because you’re out of the habit of cooking. Maybe you say no to every invitation because you don’t want the anxiety of going. Or maybe you’re spending all your waking hours working when you should have a better work/life balance.

It’s easy to do. I was in a plugged-in mode until recently. I had got into a bad habit of being on my phone and social media. I was writing a lot for this blog and was spending a lot of time promoting it… which meant being plugged in.

Studies show that screen time before bed is bad for your sleep. You should unplug two hours before bedtime to let your eyes and brain relax and wind down. The same should be said for the morning. Do you pick up your phone and turn it on as soon as you wake up? Maybe try having your morning coffee and a shower before switching on. What’s the worst that will happen?

Over time these behaviours become habits and before you know it you’re working late every day, checking emails as soon as you wake up, spending too much time online shopping or on social media. I remember getting the first iPhone when it came out, probably 15 years ago. I can’t really remember a time without mobile data.

So every few months you probably need a reset. I do this by going camping. I love camping… well it’s more glamping in my bell tent. It’s hard to sit on your phone when you’re outside. When you’re unplugged you start to hear the birds and the wind in the trees. You realise that you’re missing life by being plugged in. And the habit is easily broken.

So how are you going to reset? Have a weekend off. Spend some time away from your normal routine. Have a break from your usual habits. Set new schedules for screen time, for work time, for downtime, for exercise and for outside time. Reset and refresh and then do not go back to your old habits!

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