I’m sure I’ve written this before… but anyhoos… do you love your friends? I mean really love? Not just ‘oh yeah I like hanging out with them’ but ‘I can’t live without these people in my life’ kind of friendship. The people who you’re happy to be you in front of.

I recently met a new social group. People to hang out with, to kayak and paddleboard with. I’d describe them as being too straight. They were dull. I didn’t feel myself around them. I kept my crazy to a minimum. I felt like if I let my thoughts and opinions known that they would jump on me. So why bother? Move on. Would you spend time working on a relationship if you didn’t find the person attractive? No. Would you dance a little tamer or dress like they did to impress them? The answer should be no.

Be you. Find people who love you for who you are. Celebrate your quirks and geekiness. Dance around the kitchen with your dogs and laugh as loud as you can at your favourite film. Wear clothes that make you feel awesome and cut your hair however you bloody want it. Be you. Then find your tribe and spend time with them. Leave the rest to their boring ways and NEVER… EVER… fit in. You are amazing, please remember that.

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