It’s the most wonderful time of the year… well for some of us. Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year. Cooking, wrapping presents, making mince pies, getting everything ready for the big day tomorrow. So why are so many people miserable? Road rage, shop rage and general grumpiness is rife.

I get a lot of joy from giving at Christmas. I make little presents of gingerbread and chocolates to give to my neighbours on Christmas Eve. I hand-make presents for my family and friends. I invite people over for lovely food that I’ve made and a few glasses of bubbles. All the while thinking about those less fortunate. I get pretty emotional at this time of year.

Christmas is a time of giving and a time to be grateful, but also for reflection. Do you live in a warm house and have food on your table? Are your children happy and growing as they should? Our world is full of hunger, suffering and sadness. People have been displaced from their homes by war and conflict. Many go hungry every day and even more drink filthy dirty water just to survive. I take a pause to think of our world and I feel grateful for every day that I have in my comfortable life.

So don’t be a miserable miser this Christmas. You might have to queue a little longer at the supermarket or you may not get a parking space. But try not to be a Grinch about it. You will be home soon in your warm house with a mince pie in hand.

Think about others and do something nice for someone less fortunate than yourself. Give some money to charity, knock on a lonely neighbours door for a chat, put something in the food bank box at the supermarket. Give a little back and always be grateful and humble for what you have. Merry Christmas x

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