I try not to write posts that are overtly personal or have my opinion in. But I have learnt over the last year of being single that love and the way that we show and receive it is a personal thing.

Some people show love by physical affection or sex, others through acts of service and some through gift giving. I totally get the ‘five love languages’ theory. I just don’t totally agree with it.

If someone was to give you a massage or foot rub or cuddle, would you shy away because this isn’t how you show love? No. If you love that person any physical or contact would be pleasant for you. If someone tidied your house, made the bed, mowed the lawn etc, would you think, ‘what a chump, I could have done that!’ No. If someone showered you with compliments and praise, would you think ‘oh bugger of you smug git!’ No. The answer to all of these is that when it’s love you feel happy and content. When it’s love you join in and embrace every second. When it’s love you aren’t wanting more. You aren’t questioning why. And you aren’t left feeling alone.

Regardless of how you show or feel love, join in with the one that you want to keep. Join in. Share. Sit down. Lean in. Listen. Learn. Try hard everyday. And never… ever… stop.

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